Silver mountain coffee provides artisan taste of Medium Roasted-blending Authentic Thai coffee experiences The company proudly to introduce the Drip n Sip coffee. It is a fresh ground coffee in the innovative sachet, which is free from using a bean-to-cup machine (convenient to make without coffee machine needed). It also has lower caffeine level than Espresso!

Drip n Sip coffee (single sachet)

  • The coffee in the filter bag is made from 100% Thai's ground coffee which you able to smell the coffee aroma stronger than other instant coffee, and no machine required to making a coffee from this bag. Our product offers a chance for everyone to become a coffee expert with simple instruction. "Just pouring hot water into the bag", which makes you can enjoy the excellent cup of coffee anywhere and anytime with less effort and time needed. If you are the coffee lover, you can carry this product when you are away from home to make sure that you still have a perfect cup of coffee anywhere you go. This product is also suitable for hotel, office and travel.