Dark Roasted coffee beans blending between 2 types of Thai coffee beans.

* Strong and Smooth (less Fruity)

* 100% Thai coffee in 500g bag. 

* Suitable for coffee shops, cafe, restaurant, etc.

* Product will come in high quality aluminum foil package with release valve.

(no printing brand or logo).


Classy Blend ( Whole Roasted beans 500g)

SKU: CB002
  • Silver mountain is founded and proudly to present well-selected coffee beans as the sense of authentic Thai coffee. Two types of coffee produced in Thailand, namely, arabica in the north, and robusta in the south. The finest Dark roasted bean is suitable for Espresso machine only. (Bean-to-cup)

    * Note : product will last long 3-6 months after printed date in closure pakage.

    - After open the package : In order to keep the freshness taste of coffee, please keep airtight container away from light, heat and moisture.